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Membership Renewal Time

Have you received your membership renewal letter yet? Our 2023 Membership Drive is underway; the annual mailing went out to members on November 18th. And, if you are new and want to join the Friends, just click on over to our Membership page to get started (hint: you can renew there, too!).

We’re proud of all we’ve accomplished in 2023:

  • We hosted three book/media sales during 2023, raising about $5,000 to help support our Tualatin Library.
  • We’ve raised an additional $7,800 (through October) via our ongoing sale shelves inside the library, membership dues, and other donations.
  • We’ve donated over $12,000 so far this year (through October) to the Tualatin Library in support of a variety of programs.
  • We are very proud to have our name atop the Donor Appreciation plaque in the library.
  • And, we developed a new logo! We think it’s perfect for us: bookish, fun, and colorful.
Friends of Tualatin Library logo
Donor Appreciation Plaque for the Tualatin Public Library
Donor Appreciation plaque

If you’re already a member of the Friends, please consider taking a more active role through volunteering. We’re small, but mighty…and sometimes we need more help to get all the things done. We’d love to chat with you about our opportunities. Jump over to our Contact form and send us a note.