Order Books@Home

Our normal bookselling operations are closed, but the Friends are introducing a new way to buy used books. You can now order books by the bag and we’ll deliver them to your home or apartment with a Tualatin or Durham address. Just complete this form and pay with a credit card or PayPal.

Each bag holds an assortment of books in a particular genre, such as mysteries or romance. Selection is random as we are not able to provide specific titles—that’s half the fun! We will arrange for no-contact delivery of your bag once payment is confirmed. Cost: $5.00 per bag.

The number of titles in each bag varies by genre. Here are the genres that are currently available (we’re out of stock for kids books, ages 6-10):

  • Hardcover fiction (adult), 7 books in each bag
  • Hardcover fiction (adult) MYSTERY & THRILLERS, 5 books in each bag
  • Paperback fiction ROMANCE, 15 books in each bag
  • Cookbooks, 4 books in each bag
  • Kids picture books (ages 2-5 yrs), 5 books in each bag

Thank you for supporting the Tualatin Library and the Friends.