Volunteer opportunity with the online book selling team

Shipper neededThe Friends online book selling team needs a third shipper.

We operate an online bookstore with Amazon.com. The number of books and DVDs in our store varies depending on donations; at this writing we have 479 items listed. Every week we add some and sell others, so the titles available are in constant flux.

Our Amazon shipping policy states that we ship within two days of receiving an order. To fulfill that requirement, we’ve established procedures to ship every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. We have a 100% five-star approval rating from customers for the past year and don’t want to risk losing that by shipping late.

What’s involved? On your shipping day, you’d check the Friends Amazon account to see what orders need to be fulfilled. You’d pull the items from the shelves in the Friends workroom and package them for shipping. And then you’d drop them off at the post office. The time commitment depends on how many books were sold, but it generally takes two to four hours. The three shippers keep in close contact and cover for each other when the need arises. And we “close” the store at least twice a year to give everyone a break.

We provide all of the supplies needed for shipping. And we buy postage online, so there’s no standing in line when you drop the packages off at the post office. No experienced needed; we’ll provide the training.

We invite you to contact us if you’re interested in learning more about this volunteer position.