Books Beyond Borders display at the Tualatin Library

Books beyond bordersBooks Beyond Borders is the title of a new exhibit at the Tualatin Public Library. The exhibit includes an assortment of children’s books borrowed on interlibrary loan from libraries and publishers around the world.

The exhibit’s centerpiece is a braille edition of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, borrowed from the Mojave County Library District in Arizona, 1087 miles from Tualatin.

A Japanese edition of Babar holds the distinction of having traveled the farthest, 4837 miles from Japan.

The book Way Back Then also traveled a great distance, 2356 miles from the publisher’s office in eastern Canada. It’s the story of animals from long ago told in both English and Inuktitut, an Inuit dialect.

The Books Beyond Borders exhibit is a joint effort by Friends of Tualatin Public Library and the Tualatin Library staff. We hope you will find time to visit the library by November 12th, the exhibit’s last day. The Tualatin Library is located at 18878 SW Martinazzi, Tualatin, OR.


Christmas Past display at the library

Christmas Past exhibitPlease make an extra effort to view the library’s lobby display case December 18 through December 24 to see a special exhibit, Christmas Past, compiled by Friends volunteer Kay Kendall in collaboration with the library staff and other Friends volunteers.

The project began in late 2015 when a copy of Daddy-Long-Legs by Jean Webster was donated to the library.  Inscribed by a father to his daughter for Christmas 1916, the inscription was 100 years old in 2016. To collect one book inscribed at Christmas each year of the century between 1916 and 2016 would be a nifty trick!

Word went out to Friends volunteers to watch for Christmas inscriptions; book by book over the following two years, the inscribed copies were set aside.  The Tualatin Library staff contributed many hours of time, expertise, and encouragement as the project developed. To date, approximately 45 books have found their way to the Christmas inscription collection.

The display features many of the collection’s antiquarian and vintage books, as well as their inscriptions. Pictured here is the book with the oldest inscription, a copy of A Child’s History of England and Christmas Books by Charles Dickens. The inscription is dated 1888.